Community Guidelines
We want you to hang out online and have fun but you never really know who you’re talking to on the web. Don’t give out any information you wouldn’t be comfortable with a stranger knowing – this includes your address, phone number, birth date, email address, bank and credit card details, and place of work. To find out more about the information we collect from you, take a look at the Sprayster Privacy Policy.
The Sprayster community is made up of loads of different types of people – from all over the world. Not everyone will think in the same way as you, so respect that they have a right to their opinion and to feel comfortable in their views.

We want to hear what you think, but personal attacks (on other users or individuals) or causing offence just isn’t the Sprayster way and will not be tolerated.
Our moderators don’t review everything that’s posted on the site… so if you spot that another user’s comments on site aren’t in line with our guidelines then report it by clicking the report button at the side of the comment or if you spot anything else on site that you think isn’t in keeping with our guidelines, then please get in touch via our Help pages here. We keep all reports completely confidential.
Spraying and Painting are jobs to be done, but they are also about having fun… Let’s keep anything that’s nasty, harmful, threatening or violent, harassing, abusive, indecent, obscene, offensive, hateful, inflammatory, defamatory, discriminatory, sexually explicit, unlawful, profane, untrue, deceitful, spammy (including advertising external businesses or services), or considered to be bullying out of our community. Our moderators may remove any comments or content that aren’t in line with these guidelines or that might put us, or anyone else, into legal jeopardy.

Also, please keep your username clean, don’t impersonate anyone, and keep your content in English. Our moderators are clever, but not bilingual just yet.
Passing off as your own; text, photos, videos, images, music (or anything that can be swiped from the web) that you have not created (or where you do not own the copyright), is definitely not allowed.
Don’t post anything that would be considered confidential or private (by you or anyone else) or anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable with a complete stranger seeing (like work info, credit card numbers or home addresses or any intimate photos/videos or photos/videos ). Remember – Sprayster will never ask you for any of this stuff on a public forum. Beware of – and please report – Sprayster imitators!
This one’s from our lawyers. If you post something that’s untrue or which is not your genuinely held opinion (“libelous” or “defamatory” in lawyer-speak), you (and Sprayster) can get sued. And if you discuss anything after someone’s been arrested (regardless of whether you know them or not), this may get you – and us! – held in contempt of court.
Don’t link to any unrecognisable or untrustworthy media or executable files. If you think someone has posted content that doesn’t look quite right, don’t click on it but report it to us. If you click on it, you run the risk of getting a virus on your computer. Remember that is not responsible for third-party sites as we don’t own the internet.
If your content gets moderated, it’s for a reason. Please don’t re-post edited/removed content without contacting us first and don’t spam the community.
The common language in the community is English. Please make all your comments, titles and descriptions in English so that everyone can understand and join in.
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