Auto Extreme Trim Fix Adhesive 500ml


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Auto Extreme Trim Fix Adhesive 500ml.


Auto Extreme Trim Fix Adhesive 500ml is perfect for bonding vehicle trimming such as carpets, headlining, door and panel trims. Excellent high temperature resistance. and extremely flexible. Suitable for bonding most vehicle interior materials including fabric, leather, foam and carpet to both themselves and other materials such as wood, metal, glass and rubber. Effectively used within the interior manufacture and refurbishment or coaches, caravans, motor homes, boats and other similar vehicles.

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  • Location of application – Interior & Exterior
  • For use on – Cars, Most vehicles Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass and more with the correct preparation
  • Heavy duty
  • Paint/Stain/Varnish base – Solvent-based
  • VOC description – Very high
  • Litre capacity – 500ml
  • Highly concentrated
Weight350 g


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