Black Heat Resistant Spray Paint Matt 200ml


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Here are some quick points for Black Heat Resistant Spray Paint Matt 200ml –

  • Smooth, durable finish
  • For use on – Furniture, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass and more
  • Re-coat as soon as dry
  • Temperatures up to 600c
  • Quick drying and effective for both interior and exterior application
  • For high temperature part around engines
  • High quality, fast-drying tough formulation.
  • VOC description – Very high
  • Also ideal for small maintenance or touch up jobs
  • Can be used as a primer, undercoat & topcoat
  • Highly concentrated

Black Heat Resistant Spray Paint Matt 200ml.

This Black Heat Resistant Spray Paint from Rapide is a general purpose, fade-resistant acrylic paint for use on a range of surfaces. It’s primary use is for high temperature surfaces such as those found around vehicle engines and barbecues.

Rapide Auto Extreme was designed with the automotive industry in mind, but is more than flexible to meet the needs of DIY demands or even small jobs around the house. It is extremely versatile.

Furthermore, Rapide Auto Extreme is a range of multi-purpose decorative and protective aerosol spray paints ideal for Cars, Motorbikes, Vans etc. You can also use it for everyday projects. Typical applications include painting of furniture, cabinets, doors, frames, vases, baskets, trim and general bric-a-brac.

In addition – Surface preparation: For best results, ensure surface is clean, dry & free from loose paint, mould & mildew, wax or oil. If wax has been used, clean the surface thoroughly with white spirit. We recommend that bare wood should be sanded before painting. Hard glossy surfaces should be abraded before painting. Cover surrounding areas to protect from spray mist.

Also – You can apply this to a multitude of other surfaces such as Metal, Wood, Plastic and even Glass with the correct preparation.

Since spray painting comes with certain words and phrases that you may not fully understand, we have created this Terminology Guide that can assist you.

For help on spray painting, check out this Guide. Or click here for Inspiration.

If you have a question about this product, please get in touch and let us help you.

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