Rust-Oleum Chalky Garden Pitch Grey Matt 750ml


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Rust-Oleum Garden Paint is a breath of fresh air for your garden furniture, fences and walls.

No need to sand, prime, topcoat, wax or varnish. One coat will give exceptional coverage – for just about anything (except your plants and lawn!). Just brush the paint onto the bare surface or over the old paint or varnish.

The fabulously smooth matt finish is scrubbable and washable, and will last through many seasons come rain or shine.

It’s the ideal way to renovate or transform wood, brick, stone, plaster or any suitably-primed rigid surface (such as metal or plastic).

Gnome, sweet gnome.

Choosing the right shade is a bed of roses: our simple tester sachets provide the perfect colour reference. They’re just 99p each and delivery is free.

* The product contains a biocide to protect the dried film from fungal degradation.
**The paint film is designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 6 years before first maintenance.

Try before you buy: Purchase a tester sachet from our partner site first. Just 99p delivered.


✓ Matt finish.
✓ Water-resistant protection.
✓ Choose from 110 colours.
✓ Mould and algae resistant*.
✓ No priming or sanding necessary on most surfaces (simply ensure surfaces are smooth, dry and free from contaminants).
✓ 6 years performance**
✓ For exterior use.

Weight 1080 g





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