Mastic Leak Stop 200ml WHITE


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Spray onto leaking joints, save on costly repair work and stop leaks instantly around the home with this waterproof sealant. Imagine being able to repair a leak in seconds – no need to call an expensive specialist, just solve the problem yourself. With Spray ‘N Seal you can simply clean the area to be sealed, apply the spray and that’s it, you have a permanent watertight seal in seconds – it’s as simple as that. Formulated in the UK and used by respected DIY enthusiasts, it’s great for repairing pipes, gutters, drains, roofs, windows or any area where water has been seeping through. Keep a can around the house ready for the next little emergency. Long term water damage can cost hundreds of pounds to put right, so don’t let that leak or seeping water damage your home or car, put it right with Spray ‘N Seal right away.

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