Zinsser SealCoat Clear 1L



SealCoat™ is the perfect sanding sealer because it penetrates the surface, dries quickly and gives a rich tone to wood surfaces. Non-yellowing.
Its high adhesion makes SealCoat™ compatible with most other clear finishes. It may be applied to any existing finish to protect the surface from strong solvent-based coatings. This also ensures adhesion of solvent-based polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, lacquer and other clear finishes. Two full coats are required to create a barrier for sealing odours in certain types of woods and chip board.
SealCoat™ seals all types of wood surfaces including oak, maple, chestnut, mahogany, walnut, birch, poplar, cherry and more. It is recommended for interior woodwork such as paneling, moulding, trim, windows, doors, cabinets, furniture and toys. SealCoat™ is also great for wood floors.


Compatible with clear wood finishes
Great for sealing interior wood, including floors
Dries lightning fast – can be sanded and recoated in minutes
Does not darken or yellow with age
Gives extra beauty and warmth to water-based polyurethanes
Can be used as a pre-stain
Coverage – Approximately 24-50m2 per Litre
Touch Dry
10 minutes
20 – 30 minutes

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Weight 1200 g



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