Zinsser White AllCoat Multi-Surface Stain Killer Matt 2.5L



AllCoat solvent base white paint that adheres to all surfaces without sanding and is ideal for new plaster and other surfaces with up to 12.5 pH.
Multi-Surface capability enables application onto glossy surfaces, enamel paints, clear finishes, Formica, Plastic, UPVC, ceramic tile, metals and more, without sanding or surface de-glossing.
AllCoat is ideal for suspended ceiling tiles & frames and seals porous surfaces, plus has a high hiding formula which blocks stains & dark or inconsistent colours.
With great leveling, grain raise on new woods is resisted and it sands crisply within 2 hours.


Highly durable and washable with very low odour and is a Non-yellowing finish
Ideal for airless spray application
Durable finish
Sticks to most surfaces without sanding
Multi-surface application
Fast recoat time  – just 2 hours
Dead flat finish
Virtually odourless
Available in a Matt finish

Application Information

Touch dry: 1 hour
Hard dry: 7 days
Recoatable: 2 hours

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