DP-60 Mega Can Penetrating Maintenance Spray 750ml




This DP-60 Mega Can Penetrating Maintenance Spray 750ml is a high-performance cleaning spray that provides exceptionally long-lasting protection against the corrosion and rust on chrome and metal, i.e. outboard motors, tools, motorcycles etc. Removes, uplifts gum, crayon marks, grease, adhesives and tar.

Furthermore, DP-60 is able to fully penetrate, loosen and lubricate locks, linkages, corroded nuts and bolts, as well as hinges, cables, lawn mowers, type writers and most fasteners.

In addition – this cleaning, penetrating and releasing spray from DP-60 displaces moisture from metal surfaces, electrical and moving parts, e.g. DIY and garden equipment, ignition systems, car, motorcycles, and marine motors. Stops squeaks.

Dp-60 Penetrating Maintenance Spray is able to protect and clean, penetrate and lubricate locks and corrosion, as well as remove moisture.



✓ Location of application – Interior & Exterior
✓ Stops squeaks / Cleans and protects
✓ Loosens rusted parts
✓ Frees sticky mechanisms
✓ Extremely flammable
✓ Super strong
✓ Litre capacity – 750ml
✓ Drives out moisture
✓ Similar to the WD40 Brand




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Easy and quick spraying operation helps minimise the loss of paint

All our cans have a quick and easy spraying operation to help minimise the loss of paint.


Aerosol Tips

You will get the best performance from your aerosol cans if stored at room temperature prior to use. Cold cans are more prone to an obstructive flow of the paint, plus it can take longer for the ingredients (including the propellant) to circulate and merge efficiently.

Shake cans thoroughly – hold the can horizontally, rather than vertically while shaking is the manufacturer’s advice.

Sometimes aerosols can experience a blockage. Mixing the ingredients by vigorously shaking the can for at least 10 seconds before use is paramount to helping stop splatter and the clogging of nozzles.

Many more tips and information on the cans. Always make sure you read and understand them before you begin spraying to optimise your safety and results.



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Next Working Day Delivery available on this product.



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30 Day Returns available on this product.



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We can issue UK VAT invoices for all purchases you make with us.



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Aerosol Safety





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Free Returns available on this product.



Always Be Careful

Aerosols if used incorrectly can be dangerous.

Please always be sure to thoroughly read all instructions and information on the cans themselves. The instructions and information are written by the manufacturer (not by us, the seller).

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We (the seller) do not manufacture these products, nor do we have any input into the way the products operate. We are simply stockists.



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